The Ohlendorf Electronics GmbH is one of the leading suppliers of digital watch and info displays, on-board telephones, communication systems of all types and mobile phone handsfree kits for coaches, buses and commercial vehicles in Germany.

Guarantor for this success is our flexibility to respond to individual customer requests quickly and to connect with our own development department and modern production methods latest technology with the highest quality and functionality.

In our communication systems we put a high value on the speech quality, which is perceived by our customers as above average. With the design we work hand in hand with our customers. The latest products, such as the curve light control with soft start and pulsed power control signal, or joint development with the company Blaupunkt / Bosch in the audio field, demonstrate our innovation potential and our efforts to realize the wishes of our customers and therefore our contribution to the success of their products afford to.

In addition to the leading German manufacturers of buses and commercial vehicles are also well-known European companies and suppliers for these vehicles belonging our clients.

* Evo Bus GmbH    * MAN Bus GmbH    * Mercedes Benz Minibus GmbH   * Van Hool N.V.   * OTC Aussenhandel GmbH    * VDL Berkhof    * VDL Bova    * Irisbus Italia SpA   * Stedall Vehicle Fittings Ltd.   * MAN Türk A.S. * Merkavim Metal Works Ltd.    * Salvador Caetano   * CaetanoBus  * Autosan   * Autokraft GmbH   * SOR   * Lahden Autokori Oy    * Mercedes Benz Türk A.S. * Ried GmbH


Since the end of 2015, we began to offer high-quality electronic parts also for the privat user.

These special products are electronic systems from the Measuring section.

For more information, see the heading measuring instruments

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Daniel Kopp, manager production and sales
Michael Hatsistavridis, manager research and development