SMD placement

July 2015:


Now as part of our modernization process the lowest performing placement machine was replaced. A new modern Lynx machine made by Essemtec has been installed.


Lynx    Lynx

August 2008:
A new placement machine for our manufacturing has been constructed. This new production unit allow us to produce boards with the latest technical sophistication. Component spectrum : 01005 , 0.5 mm fine pitch , BGA , max. Edge length 50x50mm , 6,000 Bt / h. With 190 feeder places we can now also equip boards up to 400mm x 300mm.

Bestückungsmaschine FLX 2011    FLX-Feeder/changover und PCB-Holder

To ensure a good quality of our products, we equip the boards for all of our products right here in our office. This enables us to respond to changes of our customers or improvements to our electronics in a short time.
Absolute precision is a requierement of the SMD placement. We only use placement machines from the well known switzerland manufacturer Essemtec.
We will be happy to produce your SMD placement job.
You can always contact us and get a custom quote.

Bestückungsmaschine Essemtec CSM 7100    Essemtec Lötmaschine

Beispielplatine    Beispielplatine