Our intercom system was specially developed for vehicles in which a direct communication between the vehicle occupants is impossible.

Applications (examples):

  • Fire brigade
  • Ambulance
  • Disposal vehicles
  • Military vehicles
  • Forklifts
  • Taxi

Feuerwehrauto    Krankenwagen    Müllabfuhrauto

The intercom system includes a master unit and a slave unit, that is connected to a cable set with a convenient plug connection. Communication is done via built-in speakers and microphones.



09.10.2020 Available now. The intercom in aluminum housing (black or silver anodized)

Alu1 Alu2 Alu3
A simple push of a button is sufficient to cause the speech communication.

The volume can be controlled at the master. Thanks to the intelligent microphone control a balanced sound is achieved. On request we can provide the slave unit with a separated adjustable volume control. The excellent sound quality, makes even with considerable ambient noise, an excellent understanding.

If it requires the handling, we supply the station with permanent voice in one speech direction chosen by the customer. The listener can respond by holding down a button. After releasing the button, the chosen speech direction is effective again.

If required, a mute signal is provided, for example to switch a car radio mute.
When using a rear camera is, the switching signal for activating the camera can also be used for activating the Intercom and optionally a microphone signal from the camera can be used.

Should the Intercom be operated with an on-board computer, the functions, such as switching on and reversing the speech direction and the volume control can be operated with this computer.

The intercom system is characterized by an easy installation and an easy use. The two stations are mounted at the desired locations and connected by using the supplied wiring harness.We use AMP - standard connectors, but we can also use other connectors selected by our customers.

The cable length between the intercom systems depends on the customer request. An existing wiring harness in the vehicle can also be used. An exchange of a device or the relocation to a new location can easily and quickly be done.

The power supply (12 V DC or 24 V DC )from the electrical system of the vehicle is just connected to the main unit.

Of course, the stations are protected against reverse polarity and over-voltage and are available in splash-proof version if needed. The intercom is approved by CE and e1.

The intercom system is suitable for installation in new vehicles and for retrofitting existing vehicles.

Like all our products the intercom also has the level of quality that our most privileged customers calls. We sell the complete system at a very special price at which we are not afraid the comparison with competing products.

Technical data:

  • Master unit with volume control
  • Connection cable (available in various lengths) with plugs for the electrical system
  • intelligent microphone control
  • 12 volts DC or 24 volts DC
  • CE and e1 approved
  • splash-proof version
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Over-voltage protection
  • Dimensions: 130 mm x 89 mm x 45 mm with fixing holes (4mm)

By request:        

  • Slave unit with separate volume control
  • Input to turn on the intercom (for example: rear view camera)
  • Output to mute a radio system
  • splash-proof version
  • Permanent voice to the master unit or the slave unit (customer request)
  • Connecting external audio sources, for example Rear View Camera with Microphone
  • Volume Control by Creating a 0V - 10V DC signal (analog)
  • Preparation for use of existing cable harnesses


More Intercoms on customer request:



New stainless steel housing:

Edelstahl Edelstahl

round housing


Wireless Intercom

The most important features:

- no need to lay a connecting cable.

- full duplex operation is now possible.


All well-known functions such as Push to Talk or one-sided through channels as well as separate volume control can also be realized with this system on request.


Also with this product we attach great importance to the highest quality and the best components in order to achieve an outstanding voice quality. That's why we only use wireless modules from German manufacturer Lintech.