Communicationsystem with CAN

This is a further development of our previous board telephone and hands-free systems.


This system is controlled with the existing steering wheel buttons in the bus.
All control commands are transmitted via CAN bus to our system, which performs the necessary actions.
The representation of the functions carried out in the bus instrument cluster.


In all control units with mobile phone function, the coupling of the cell phone will be made with the integrated blue-tooth module. This blue-tooth module reads all phone book entries out of the phone. The alphabetical sorted entries are displayed on the instrument cluster and can be selected via the steering wheel buttons. All phone functions via the steering wheel buttons are available. The operation of the mobile phone remains fully.

The well known mobile - change toolholder system is also used in these systems, but only for the mobile charge and for the connection of an external cell phone antenna. For this communication system, we also use new wire sets, these have the advantage of a weight saving of approximately 90% compared to the existing cable harnesses. They are also more flexible and cheaper than the old cable harnesses.


Here you will find a list of available components:

OE 6600 LB-CAN: Electronic control unit for onboard phones and mobile phones
OE 6300 KB-CAN: Electronic control unit for onboard phones without mobile phones
OE 6900 FE-CAN: Electronic control unit for mobile phones

OE 6003 T – R - CAN: Phone for driver rest area
OE 6006 T – K - CAN: Phone for onboard kitchen
OE 6009 T – DT - CAN: Phone for upstairs (only for double-deck vehicles)

Leitungssatz 6135: 13,5 m cable to connect the phone to the control electronics
Leitungssatz 0660: 6 m cable to connect the phone to the control electronics
Verbindungskabel 0602: T - connector for connecting a plurality of telephones to one control electronics

Systemcable: Mounting bracket for the phone changeholders
Change holder: Detachable cell phone holder (please specify type).