Communication systems

Our communication system consists of a central control unit to which you can connect up to three onboard phones and a GSM mobile phone. The central control unit manages all functions, as well as the voice of the connected phones and cell phones. This system was designed for the vehicle sector, all communication transmissions to the driver or pilot are with handsfree function.

OE 6000 BB Steuerelektronik mit drei Bordtelefonen
    OE 6000 BB Steuerelektronik mit angeschlossenem Handy

Using a standard connector, which contains the input and output signals, the following functions are supported:
1. Mute the audio system
2. Use the built-in speaker
3. Use of an existing microphone

The standard version requires a nominal input voltage of 13.5 to 30 volts DC. The built-in reverse polarity and over voltage protection facilitates user safe commissioning.

The flexibility of our system allows you the freedom to choose various cell phone types. This makes it possible for every user to run his own mobile phone by simply connecting to the Bluetooth-Modul.


All our components are for the vehicle sector registered and provided with an E1 approval number.

In order to facilitate the compilation of the individual components of your system, our various cable assemblies and connectors allow you the optimum design possibilities and easy installation.

Leitungssatz 0860    OE 6300 KB Steuerelektronik

Verbindungskabel 0802

OE 6000 BB: Electronic control unit for onboard phones and mobile phones
OE 6300 KB: Electronic control unit for onboard phones without mobile phones

OE 6003 T - R: Phone for driver rest area
OE 6006 T - K: Phone for onboard kitchen
OE 6009 T - DT: Phone for upstairs (only for double-deck vehicles)

Harness 8135: 13.5 m cable to connect the phone to the control electronics
Harness 0860: 6 m cable to connect the phone to the control electronics
Harness 0802: T - connector for connecting a plurality of telephones to one control electronics

Systemcable: Mounting bracket for the Bluetooth-Modul
OE Blue: Blue - Tooth - Modul