Curve light modul

The curve light modul is processor-controlled , and includes all of the control functions, such as slow dimming (up and down) of the lamps. A function for fog light can be enabled without dimming the lights. Defective lamps are detected and displayed.
The curve light modul recognizes low voltage and overcurrent, due to incorrect lamps and short-circuit protection. The curve light modul is for the vehicle sector registered and provided with an E1 approval number.

Abbiegelichtmodul    Abbiegelichtmodul

2013: The new curve light modul


On customer request the curve light modul been completely revised.

The DC conversion has been omitted and introduced the modern PWM control.

The current monitoring and short circuit detection where optimized.

Regardless of the on-board voltage, the lamp voltage power relation is regulated.


With this advanced technology it has been possible that this module has almost no self-heating.

Abbiegelichtmodul    Abbiegelichtmodul