Hands free units

Our hands-free units, consists of a central control unit. To this unit a Bluetooth - module can be connected. The standard version requires a nominal input voltage of 12 to 15 volts DC. .
On request we also can supply a 24 volts DC version of the hands free unit. The built-in reverse polarity and overvoltage protection facilitates user safe commissioning.
The flexibility of our system allows you the freedom to choose the various cell phone types.
This makes it possible for any user to run his own mobile phone by simply connecting to the Bluetooth-Modul.

OE 6900 FE: Steuerelektronik    Blue-Tooth-Modul

All our components are approved for the vehicle sector and provided with an E1 approval number.

OE 6900 FE: Control electronic hands free unit

Systemcable: Mounting bracket for the Bluetooth-Modul
OE Blue: Blue - Tooth - Modul